About me

Branding is about helping companies find their voice, whether visually or through words or both. I I got into this business because I loved art and writing and it was a place where I could use both my talents.

I consider myself a hybrid. I have the conceptual prowess of an art director with the design aesthetic of a graphic designer. And I can write the occasional headline.

I am passionate about my work and being a part of a team; it takes a village to create anything, especially integrated branding. I pride myself in strategic, intelligent work that nets results. My designs and art direction have compelled people to do all kinds of things: buy chocolate, join art museums, purchase home furnishings, buy insurance, eat baked goods, eat their vegetables, test drive fancy cars, donate money for cancer research, and drink beer. Getting people to drink beer was pretty easy.

When I'm not helping to build brands and businesses, you'll find me painting, working on my memoir or reading five books at once. I am also working on a new line of apparel, targeted to teens and twenty somethings.